Place-based Science for Educators: Module 3




Part 2: Photography

Today many of our middle and high school students carry around powerful cameras in their pockets.  While these smartphone cameras can be used for selfies and TikTok videos, they also can be a tool for nature connection and scientific investigation.

In this part of the module we explore how we might use photography with our students to build authentic connections to place.  Check out the videos and reading below.

Step 1: Watch Photography Introduction

Step 2: Watch Photography Basics

Step 3: Read Article on Photography and Science

The article below relates a study that describes the effects of students using photography in their science classrooms.  While the focus is on experiments indoors, some of the literature review and findings are relevant to doing science outside. As you read, consider:

  • The authors of this article highlight curiosity and creativity as key ingredients in the science classroom, and they argue that artistic endeavors can help students develop these qualities.  What are your thoughts on this?  Has have you seen these connections in your own classroom?
  • This study shares some ways in which the researchers and teachers used photography with students in the science classroom.  Do you see any strategies here as potentially applicable to place-based science outdoors?