Place-based Science for Educators: Module 3




Welcome to Module 3!

Module 3 Theme: Integrating Art and Science

Central Questions:

  • How might sketching and photography serve as strategies to connect our students to their local landscape?
  • What role might sketching or photography play in place-based science?

In our third module our focus will turn toward the artistic and creative realms.  While some don’t immediately make the link between art and science, impressive figures from Charles Darwin to pioneering botanist Maria Merian to my friend Kelly Finan have all shown the strengths of integrating the two.  As we proceed, we’ll examine the ways that sketching and photography in particular can strengthen ties to place, and how this might relate to teaching science well.

Module Overview:



Activities and Assignments

Part #1: Sketching


Watch: Sketching strategies in the science classroom, and a few basics

ReadWhy Sketch? by Jenny Keller

Part #2: Photography


Watch: Photography strategies in the science classroom

Read: Cultivating Curiosity by Integrating Art and Science in the Classroom through Photography, by Thani, Siby, and Ali

Part #3: Assignments


Visit and Submit: Return to your wonder journal site to complete your third assignment 

Submit: Stages 2 and 3 of your Place Plan

Part 4: Live Session

Tues, July 18

3:00 – 4:30PM


Debrief wonder journal visit; connections to science concepts and skills

Place plan endpoints sharing and feedback