Place-based Science for Educators: Module 3




Part 1: Sketching

Sketching is a powerful tool to understand the world around us, and can be a means to more deeply connect with nature.  It is also an underutilized tool in our students’ science toolkit, both because it is not commonly practiced and – relatedly – because many students develop an attitude that they “can’t draw” by the time they become teenagers. 

In this part of the module you’ll learn how I use sketching with my students as a means to connect and observe, and how all this fits in with the practice of science.  Check out the two videos and article below.

Step 1: Watch my Introduction to Sketching

Step 2: Read Why Sketch? by Jenny Keller

As you read, you might consider:

  • Keller considers sketching an invaluable practice of field-based science.  Have you used sketching in your science classroom in any context?  What about in your life outside the classroom?
  • Several techniques and approaches are presented here.  Are there any you are excited to try, either on your own or perhaps with your students?
*After you read, make sure you scroll down to the video beneath this article for our sketching workshop!

Step 3: Watch Video on Sketching Basics