Place-based Science for Educators: Module 4




Part 4: Thank You and Final Assignments

Our final assignments, course surveys and a final draft of your Place Plan, are due by 11:59PM on Friday, July 19. But before I go over those details, I want to express my appreciation for you all for being a part of our course this summer.  See the video below:

Assignment A: Complete Course Surveys

Both Castleton University and I hope to learn how this course went for you.  Please complete this after our last live class on Thursday.

  • Vermont State University’s course evaluation can be found hereYou only need to submit this if you took the course for credit.  
  • My end-of-course survey can be found here.  I’d appreciate if everyone could complete this — it is the most direct and immediate way for me to learn about your experience and improve the course in the future.

Assignment B: Finalize Place Plan

Your last major assignment for the course is to get to a final(ish) draft of your Place Plan.  It is totally fine not to have every detail solidified, but you should incorporate feedback from your fellow participants and make enough progress to be confident that you will implement your plan in the coming school year. 

You need only to make updates in the Place Plan you shared already; no new submissions are needed.  Please don’t move or delete this Google Doc for at least several weeks after the end of our course.