Place-based Science for Educators: Module 4




Welcome to Module 4!

Module 4 Theme: Finalizing Your Place Plan

Central Questions:

  • What inspiration and wisdom might I draw from other educators who have pursued place-based education in their classrooms?
  • What is my plan for place-based teaching and learning in my own classroom?  What would count as “success” for me and my students in this realm next year?

In this final module, we will aim to transition from general to specific, from ideas to action.  Our goal is to build a detailed, realistic plan to integrate place into your classroom — a plan that leaves you feeling excited and not overly daunted.  We’ll look at a few frameworks and examples from teachers who have done this work, and will workshop our plans with one another.  Check out the introductory video and overview table below to get started.

Module Overview:



Activities and Assignments

Part #1: Place Plan Models and Resources


Read: Guide to Implementing Place-based Education

Read/watch: Vermont  examples of place-based teaching

Part #2: Place Plan Draft


Submit: full draft of place plan and summary slide

Part #3: Live Session

Thurs, July 20

3:00 – 4:30PM


Share place plan ideas, get feedback

Wrap-up course and share feedback

Office hours for instructor conversation and feedback

Part 4: Final Assignments


Submit course evaluation, class survey, and final place plan