Place-based Science for Educators: Module 1




Part 2: The Art of Attention and the Wonder Journal

In this second part of module 1, we will begin to consider a central skill that ties together scientific inquiry and place-based education: attention

I’ll share how I use a long-term project called the Wonder Journal to connect students to place, help them develop their attention and curiosity, and build skills of scientific inquiry.  You will also read an excerpt from David Haskell’s book, The Forest Unseen, to get a sense of this the power of approach in the hands of a well-trained ecologist. 

After you conclude this section you’ll turn to your assignments, one of which will be to choose a spot at which you’ll record your own Wonder Journal and embark on an assignment called the Question Marathon.

Step 1: Watch Video on Attention and the Wonder Journal

Step 2: Read Excerpt from The Forest Unseen

As you read this excerpt from David Haskell’s book, consider:

  • How do attention, curiosity, and scientific inquiry intersect?
  • What elements of nature might be “unseen” to your student? How might you help them see these?