Place-based Science for Educators: Module 1




Welcome to Module 1!

Module 1 Theme: Introductions and Getting Started with Science Investigations

Central Questions:

  • What is place-based education (and what is it not)?
  • What roles do attention and curiosity play in place-based science?
  • How might we begin place-based science investigations?

In this first module, you will learn about the fundamental tenets of place-based education, identify a site to practice place-based activities you might use with your students, and begin learning some strategies you might employ in your classroom.   Details are in the table below. 

But first, let me re-introduce myself and our course!  Check out this introductory video:

Module Overview:



Activities and Assignments

Part #1: Introduction to Place-based Education


Watch: Introduction to course and place-based education

Read: Reading the World, Not Just the Words (Amy Demarest)

Part #2: Attention and the Wonder Journal 


Watch: Attention, the Wonder Journal, and the Question Marathon

Read: Excerpt from The Forest Unseen (David George Haskell)

Part #3: Assignments


Submit: create intro slides

Visit: Choose and visit your wonder journal site, complete question marathon assignment

Part 4: Live Session

Tues, July 9

3:00 – 4:30PM


Meet and begin building connections among cohort 

Learn more about goals, structures, deliverables for the course

Debrief question marathon: piece, pattern, and process questions; application to the classroom