Place-based Science for Educators: Module 2




Welcome to Module 2!

Module 2 Theme: Reading the Local Landscape

Central Questions:

  • What determines the composition and character of our local forests?
  • What tree is THAT?  And why should I care?
  • How can forests, trees, and rocks provide opportunities for place-based science?

In this second module, we will sharpen our skills of “reading” the natural landscape.  These frameworks and skills are foundational to any aspiring naturalist, and can be adapted to students of a variety of ages.  Check out the module introduction video and table below for a preview of where we’re going. 

Module Overview:



Activities and Assignments

Part #1: Natural Communities


Watch: Natural communities and factors that affect them

Read: Reading the Forested Landscape (Wessels), intro and chapter on topography and substrate 

[Optional] Wetland, Woodland Wildland (Thompson and Sorenson) introduction

Part #2: Trees


Watch: Introduction to tree identification; high and low-tech tools for tree ID

Part #3: Assignments


Visit and Submit: Return to your wonder journal site to complete your second assignment 

Submit: Draft and submit initial ideas your ideas for Place Plan in your course notebook

Part 4: Live Session

Fri, July 14

3:00 – 4:30PM


Debrief wonder journal visit; connections to science concepts and skills

Place plan brainstorm