Mike offers the most bang for your buck with this short yet overflowing course dedicated to building your background knowledge of Vermont ecology and increasing your ability to implement place-based learning. I loved the set up of the course and feel that I have walked away with ideas and information that will benefit my science classroom immediately.

– Torie, Middle School Science Teacher

Mike did a fantastic job with melding asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences. It’s clear he is an expert at place based learning and I would encourage any level of science teacher to consider enrolling in the class. 

– Keith, High School Science Teacher

This class gave me the gift of time.  Time to slow down.  Time to notice what is right in front of me.  Time to appreciate nature-from the hard working ant to the morning dew on a leaf.   Time to learn ways to give this gift of time, awareness and appreciation to children. 

– Elementary School Teacher

Place-Based Science for Educators was just the course I needed. The blend of readings, videos, outdoor activities, and synchronous discussions were all very manageable, but also very engaging and motivating. I appreciated the captured time to be out in nature as it reminded me of its captivating and restorative powers. The course provided us with solid activities, examples and the time to create an achievable plan for implementing placed-based science in our own classroom. Mike’s enthusiasm, authenticity, content knowledge, and intuitive nature helped make for a great two weeks.

– Tom, Middle School Science Teacher

This course was a gateway to understanding Place-based education for science. Mike touched upon many things to begin with, and allowed space for educators to discover how the concepts of place-based education could work for their unique situation. There was time for collaboration with other science teachers which was meaningful. The sharing of resources and experiences was helpful.

– Steph, Middle School Science Teacher

Place Based Science for Educators is a wonderful class! You spend a lot of time outside exploring and learning about the world that we all enjoy. Mike ties content and skills into very manageable lessons. You leave the course with new skills, new ideas to share, a wealth of resources, and strategies that are able to use when you get back into the classroom.

– Middle School Science Teacher

Mike’s clear and concise ideas, expertise, and knowledge of Place Based Science made the course outstanding and rich in content. The connection and work with others in the teaching field added depth to the experience.

– Preschool Teacher