Place-based Science for Educators: Module 2

Module 2


Part 1: Natural  Communities

Part 2: Tree ID and Site Visit

Part 3: Place Plan

Part 4: Live Session

Module 2 Overview

Dates: Weds, July 13 – Fri, July 15

Theme: Reading the Local Landscape

In this section module, we will begin to develop skills and knowledge to better understand our local natural spaces.

Module Overview:



Activities and Assignments


Part #1: Natural Communities


Asynchronous (~1.5 hours)

·         Watch: Natural communities and factors that affect them

·         Read:

–          Wetland, Woodland Wildland (Thompson and Sorenson) introduction

–          Reading the Forested Landscape (Wessels), intro and chapter on topography and substrate




Part #2: Tree Expertise and Site Visit






(~3.5 hours)

·         Watch: introduction to tree identification; high and low-tech tools for tree ID

·         Visit: return to your wonder journal site; complete journal assignment #2 (theme: reading the landscape)

·         Submit: Wonder journal #2



Part 3: Place Plan Work



(~1.5 hours)

·         Watch: Place plan intentions and inspirations

·         Read: Place plan assignment

·         Submit: Place plan initial ideas



Live Session: Reading the Landscape, Intro to Place Plan


Fri, July 15

3:00 – 4:30PM



·         Introduction to the layer cake approach

·         Debrief tree ID challenge; connections to science concepts and skills

·         Place plan brainstorm